Sunêlia will take good care of you with the Wellness Programme by Sunêlia.


We know that these two months of lockdown and this unprecedented situation mean you are yearning for a getaway, nature and wide-open spaces, but it has also been a time to refocus on your basic needs, to take care of yourself, your mind, body and spirit! This year, we want to provide you with so much more than just a holiday destination, we want to make your well-being our priority!

Many of you have had to carry on working and you’ve had a lot to deal with, with your children at home... You’ve got into new routines and we have decided to bring you something new to add to this routine, to keep you going until the summer. From the 26th May, we will be bringing you a full programme that will help you reconnect with your body and mind, and show you what you can expect from your summer holiday at a Sunêlia holiday village.


A style for everyone, a coach for everyone!




Do Yoga with Caroline


Take good care of yourself, relax, take back control of your body... Yoga has become the number one activity for well-being! While you’re waiting for the summer, our Yogi masters are offering a weekly session adapted to all levels, to enjoy alone or as a family. This activity will be available over the summer at a number of our destinations.


Cours de Yoga #1

publiée le 29/05

Cours de Yoga #2

publiée le 09/06

Cours de Yoga #3

publiée le 16/06

Cours de Yoga #4

publiée le 22/06

Cours de Yoga #5

publiée le 29/06

Cours de Yoga #6

publiée le 16/07



Fitness sessions with Célia, Adrien and Soifidine


Do you need to get in shape before your holiday? Or are you just looking to try out a new coach? We have thought of everything! Muscle strengthening, stretching, endurance... fitness is an all-round discipline that can easily be adapted to all levels of fitness. You will find this activity at our various destinations this summer.

Initiation au hip-hop avec Soifidine

publiée le 02/06

Séance de fitness avec Nicole

publiée le 09/06

Circuit Training avec Soifidine

publiée le 19/06

LIA avec Soifidine

publiée le 02/07




Cookery classes with Marcel


Of the topics we’re particularly fond of, cookery is at the top of the list. All year round, we work with Alain Croo, former Michelin-starred chef, and we organise Master Classes for our teams with well-known chefs. We would like to share our expertise with you, and so we are offering simple, healthy, and delicious recipes. What are you waiting for?

En cuisine avec Marcel #1

publiée le 02/06

En cuisine avec Marcel #2

publiée le 12/06




Well-being tutorials with Christèle


For 15 years, we have been developing a SPA offer, to make your well-being on holiday a priority. 15 years of expertise that we would like to share with you, with online tutorials accessible to all. Just relax and follow the guidance available in the videos.


Massage assis

publiée le 28/05

Massage de la main

publiée le 15/06